Success Rate of Rhinoplasty in Pakistan

So many people are unhappy with their nose shape but some individuals are satisfied. The people who are satisfied can suffer from breathing deformities due to some injury or birth defect. A lot of practices are introduced to overcome such concerns but the most prominent procedure is Rhinoplasty. It’s the surgical approach that helps in reshaping the nose according to the patients’ demands. Although, it can also overcome nasal deformities and improves breathing.

Now, a question arises that how much success is Rhinoplasty? A lot of factors can determine the success rate but the most prominent ones include i.e. surgery location, practitioners’ experience, and treatment options. However, it’s one of the most complex cosmetic procedure requires a complete understanding of the nasal area to maintain its success rate high.

The success rate of Rhinoplasty in Islamabad Pakistan is above 90 percent according to the results acquired after surgery. Practitioners’ expertise matters a lot in this case too because a board-certified cosmetic surgeon results in successful surgery which boosts the success rate of Rhinoplasty. However, this surgery has gained popularity all over the world due to its tremendous comforts and valuable outcomes.

Different techniques can be used in Rhinoplasty in Islamabad but a qualified surgeon can decide which suits you the best. The two most dominant approaches used to get off nasal concerns are Open Rhinoplasty in which surgeons make internal incisions to correct the deviated septum and Closed Rhinoplasty which aims to reshape the nose without making any visible incisions so there is no scar left.

Which Factors Determine the Success Rate of Rhinoplasty?

Before undergoing the procedure, everyone is interested to know how successful it is because each individual wants to make sure that they acquire desired outcomes after getting this surgery. Some common factors which determine the success rate of Rhinoplasty in Islamabad Pakistan.

Choosing Surgery Location:

A lot of clinics are proving Rhinoplasty surgery but before choosing the surgery location must make sure that they provide enough services for your comfort. Every clinic has its success rate according to its services, staff, experience, and atmosphere so it’s advised to acquire the surgery from the clinic which has a higher success rate and experienced surgeons.

Treatment Type:

Another important factor that determines the success rate of Rhinoplasty is the treatment you choose. It’s advised to get the treatment that has a higher success rate but the procedure option is usually decided by the surgeon according to the nasal condition of the patient. Open and closed Rhinoplasty are the most commonly used techniques but most of the people in Pakistan prefer closed Rhinoplasty due to its invisibility of scar so it has been found to be the most popular surgery and has a higher success rate as compared to another one.

Surgery Expense:

The Success rate of Rhinoplasty increases when it’s affordable by the majority of people. You can get successful Rhinoplasty surgery at affordable rates by visiting the SKN Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery Clinic in Islamabad.

Practitioners’ Expertise:

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed by doctors who have a deep knowledge of nasal septum and have experience of years in accomplishing surgeries to resolve deformities of the nose. However, practitioners’ expertise plays a vital role in determining the success rate of Rhinoplasty which tends to increase after every satisfying surgery.


The success rate of Rhinoplasty increases if patients are satisfied with the results. A lot of individuals are happy with their nose-figure and get a benefit for life-time that’s why Rhinoplasty has gained popularity all over the world which boosts the success rate of this surgery.


After achieving the successful surgery, patients are advised to follow post-treatment instructions carefully for complete results and better recovery. If these guidelines aren’t properly followed, correct results won’t be seen and it will drop the success rate of Rhinoplasty. So it’s highly recommended to follow appropriate guidelines as per your doctor which increases the Success Rate of Rhinoplasty in Islamabad Pakistan.


Rhinoplasty surgeries are most successful when performed by an experienced surgeon. Many people want to enhance their nose shape and get off breathing problems. Such individuals can resolve these concerns by having the best Rhinoplasty Surgery. There is no age barrier to get this surgery, people who are mature enough can get this by visiting the nearest clinic. As compared to other techniques it’s the best one to acquire due to its growing success rate.