things to ask your hair surgeon before undergoing hair transplant

Around the world, there are a huge amount of people who need to undergo hair transplant surgeries. Some of them are still unaware of such surgeries. When you decided to undergo the hair restoration procedure, it is important to know before the treatment that what Things To Ask Your Surgeon Before Undergoing Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan.

 According to SKN cosmeticsour expert will schedule an initial session for you to your hair transplant surgeon. In this session, make sure you will ask the following questions and you can trust your specialist. The questions are as follow:

Experience of Hair Transplant Surgeon:

For searching and finding the best surgeon for your hair transplant surgery is very important. It is necessary to check all the profile of your hair treatment specialist. You will always prefer that specialist who has plenty of experiences in hair restoration processes. The surgeons that perform such surgeries have a lot of experience and training to handle it.

Generally, the qualification will be checked and the certification will be a review about the expert surgeon. At SKN cosmetics, Dr Naveed and Dr Zahra are the experienced surgeons for hair transplantation in Islamabad.

Which Type of Procedure is Best For Me?

First of all, when you approach your surgeon the first question is about to know the reason for hair fall. The specialist will examine your hairs condition and will check the hair texture by pulling test. After that, he/she will suggest the methods of hair transplant like; FUT or FUE. In other cases, PRP injections and 2000 to 5000 hair follicle grafting will be suggested.

The treatment will be selected according to your condition and what is suitable for you. The specialist will guide you about all the procedures, their time duration, recovery time etc.

What Outcomes Will Be Obtained?

According to our clinic, we deliver the best and life-changing results. It is the second most important point to ask about the outcomes of such treatment. Make sure that you will ask about how much time my treatment takes for obtaining complete results, does my hair looks natural etc. The before and after photographs will be required for showing you results.

Your surgeon will tell you about the results as well. Sometimes, results may differ from person to person and different techniques deliver different outcomes. He/she will also show you previous successful treatments.

Am I the Ideal candidate for Surgery?

After knowing all the procedure types and duration, you can ask about yourself. Make sure that are you an ideal candidate for hair restoration surgery or not. You should be very careful about deciding on hair restoration surgery.

How Long Does the Process Take?

It is an important factor to know what Things To Ask Your Surgeon Before Undergoing Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan. There are several types of hair restoration methods and they have different steps to perform and different time durations. Make sure that how long your treatment takes time and what is the total duration of your treatment.

The Clinic Staff:

Having an experienced surgeon for hair transplantation is not enough, it is necessary to have a supporting and expert staff at the clinic. It is important to have a guiding team with a specialist who can take good care of their patient. You can as such questions about skilful team, atmosphere and environment of the clinic.

The Aftercare Instructions:

After undergoing the treatment, you can ask about aftercare instructions which are suitable for you. Different patients are instructed with different post-op care points according to their requirements. Some common aftercare tips are as following:

  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Do not consume any medication like blood thinners etc.
  • Stop taking multivitamins for some time.
  • Do not go out in direct sunlight.

What Type of Risks Involved?

This is also important to know what risk and complications will be experienced in hair transplants treatments. You can ask all the risk and complications related to your treatment, and some minor risk and complications are as following:

  • Minor pain
  • Swelling, itching

These are minor risks and complications which will disappear after a few days and through medication. These risks will happen to you when you don’t take good care of yourself and when you don’t choose a good surgeon for the treatment.

Cost Discussion:

Last but not least, it is necessary to know the average cost of your whole treatment. There are some factors which will affect your treatment cost. These are:

  • The experienced surgeon fee.
  • Location and area of Clinic that you choose.
  • The method of hair restoration you select.
  • The medication used during and after your treatment. (anaesthesia & other medication)


If you need hair restoration treatment for enhancing your personality, consult SKN cosmetics for an initial session where you can know about what Things To Ask Your Surgeon Before Undergoing Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan. Our expert will guide you with the best information!