Velashape 3 cost in Islamabad, Pakistan

In order to shape your body and lessen the appearance of cellulite, VelaShape 3 in Islamabad is a new non-invasive therapy. While bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light softly heat surrounding tissue and the fat cells beneath your skin, vacuum technology manipulates your skin. Velashape 3 cost in Islamabad, Pakistan is definite but it is dependent on several factors.

Patients frequently observe a decrease in circumference as well as a lessening of cellulite.  Look in the treated regions after 3–6 treatments and you will see the results. Your skin will be firm and smooth. Some patients experience benefits right away. VelaShape 3 results in a reduction of one whole dress size following a series of treatments.

What does It Mean For You?

  • Cellulite is reduced and noticeable and the skin surface is smoothened gradually.
  • The treated area is reduced conspicuously with a reduction in the circumferential area.

Areas treated by Velashape Treatment.

Velashape is a versatile treatment used to treat cellulite anywhere in the body.

  • Arms
  • Bottom
  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Stomach
  • Lower back fat
  • Neck
  • Buttocks
  • Bra Roll Bulges

Pre-treatment Instructions:

  • The treatment area could get too hot if there is hair in the way of the applicator’s smooth movement. Prior to therapy, shaving is indicated.
  • Stop using any topical irritants a few days before treatment.
  • On the day of treatment, the regions to be treated shouldn’t be covered in lotion, cosmetics, perfume, powder, or shower/bath oil.
  • You may be advised to refrain from taking anticoagulants like aspirin during your therapy. The likelihood of bruising is increased by anticoagulants.

How does VelaShape III work?

  • Our professionals at SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad, are well qualified in the use of the VelaShape III machine. They successfully decrease cellulite and reduce the circumference of the thighs and abdomen. While bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light softly heat surrounding tissue and the fat cells within it, vacuum technology manipulates your skin.
  • As the RF (radio frequency) energy decreases the fat cells in the treatment area, the massage and suction rollers of the VelaShape device relax fibrous bands brought on by cellulite. Cellulite temporarily looks less noticeable as a result of the combination of the two.

How Does Velashape III Work?

Your body can be contoured and cellulite can be diminished using a variety of technologies with Velashape III. While bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light softly heat surrounding tissue and the fat cells beneath your skin, vacuum technology manipulates your skin.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from VelaShape?

You can achieve tremendous changes by using VelaShape III over time. For the majority of patients, optimal results would require three to six therapy sessions separated by a week. Many of our clients have noticed improvements after the first or second session, but for the greatest outcomes, we advise having at least 4 to 10 sessions spaced a week apart.

Cost of Velashape III:

Compared to wasting on invasive surgeries with protracted recovery times and more risky complications, this excellent fat-burning method is much less expensive. The price of the VelaShape 3 in Islamabad may vary depending upon different factors. Since it relies on a number of significant factors, there is no set price to specify. The cost of VelaShape depends on the size of the body part, the number of follow-up sessions, and the individual because it is a multi-purpose therapy that burns the extra fat in a range of body areas.

Benefits of Velashape Treatment

  • Its popularity can be attributed to a number of factors.
  • Cellulite can be treated non-surgically with Velashape. There are no serious complications or more severe negative effects because it is non-invasive.
  • There is no downtime and the operation is quick and simple. You can do it while you’re eating lunch, which will allow you to swiftly return to work or pick up where you left off.
  • This amazing cellulite removal procedure is significantly less expensive than other fat-reduction procedures, including follow-up visits.
  • The procedure reduces circumferential fat, giving the patient a flawlessly sculpted and smaller figure.
  • Additionally, it addresses skin laxness, making the skin tight and firm.
  • In contrast, the fat reduction therapy uses a straightforward, discomfort-free massage approach.

How Long Does VelaShape III Cellulite Reduction Results Last?

VelaShape has an average lifespan of six months to a year. The patient’s lifestyle will have an impact on this, though. A patient’s treatment results will last longer if they lead a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet than they would in someone who does not.

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