What are the black dots after laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the most demanded procedures, which people want to get to banish unwanted hair. This technique uses a laser light for frying the hair follicles in a manner that does not allow regrowth of hair in the treated area. At other times it may cause some form of side effects. concerning the causes of black spots on the skin. These black spots are not something to worry about; they are not fatal, and one can develop and disappear on one’s own.

What causes Black Spots After Laser Hair Removal?

The black dots or shadows after the procedures are due to the redistribution of melanin in the follicle. Some people may notice that there is still some hair regrowth after this treatment, while others may see tiny black spots.

Types of Black Dots:

There are two main types of black dots: temporary and permanent. 

Black spots usually are not permanent because they disappear when the body expels dead hair follicles from the given area. They are permanent black spots due to hyperpigmentation, skin darkening, hypopigmentation, and lightening after the laser treatment.

Causes of Black Dots on the Skin

Many factors can cause black dots after undergoing a laser hair removal process. These factors include skin type, hair color, and the parameters set during the treatment. Some of the effects likely caused by improper aftercare include the formation of black dots. Safeguarding appropriate care and selecting an exemplary environment may also reduce these risks.

What can You Do to Avoid Them?

First, preventing black dots begins with the pre-treatment stage of the process. Removing any obstacles like oil or lotion from the skin can be helpful. It is also important to note that after the treatment, one should embrace sunscreen to avoid forming dark spots. A good sunscreen will also prevent sun exposure and reduce the possibility of developing spots on the skin.

How to Treat Black Dots After Laser?

Some of the treatments may include the use of creams and laser treatment for the Black dots problem. Topical creams can help reduce the spots’ darkness, and additional laser treatment can be done to remove the pigmentation. One should seek the services of a dermatologist and the recommended treatment plan with the most minor side effects.

Black Spots on Skin: Natural Cures & Remedies

Natural treatments such as aloe vera and lemon juice can effectively reduce black dots. Aloe vera has a positive impact on the skin and is said to help the skin heal, and lemon juice can bleach the skin. 

However, one should not use any chemicals on the skin; it is also advised to test the skin before applying these remedies.

Lifestyle changes to prevent black dots:

Post laser treatment, proper skin care practices can prevent black dot formation after the hair removal treatment. Prevention measures include taking a lot of water and avoiding exposure to the sun. It is essential to drink lots of water while wearing protective gear and using sunblock to minimize any potential damage to the skin.

Black Dots vs. Ingrown Hairs:

These two terms are not the same; black dots and ingrown hairs are two different things. Black dots are designated as dead hair follicles; as for ingrown hair, the hair grows back into the skin. It is because the hair that has been shaved or epilated will grow back into the skin and cause redness and pain. A gentle scrub to exfoliate the skin and a good moisturizer can also help avoid ingrown hairs, while black dots may disappear independently after some time.

Risk and Possible Side Effects of Black Dots:

It is dangerous to pick or scratch the black dots as this can lead to bacterial infections and other problems. To minimize the risk of infection, keeping the treated area clean and avoiding scratching is advisable, as this may cause more harm to the skin.

Laser Treatment Price in Islamabad:

The average fee of laser treatment per session ranges between PKR 25,000 and PKR 55,000. Laser hair removal is a cosmetic service, and its cost in Islamabad depends on the size of the area and the number of sessions a patient requires. It is advisable to seek professional advice from a clinic that specializes in the specific procedure to obtain a precise quotation and understand the overall cost implications.

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