What is Acne Conglobata, and How is it Treated in Islamabad

Acne is defined as a skin condition where the hair follicle gets clogged with dead skin cells and oil. It is the leading cause of pimples and whiteheads/blackheads. Even though most acne cases are relatively not that bad, some cases where the spots cluster together. But What Is Acne Conglobata, and How Is It Treated In Islamabad? This condition occurs when the acne pimples and cysts start developing collectively underneath the skin. AC is a kind of nodulocystic acne, which is a rather serious but uncommon skin disorder. With time, this condition can cause severe scarring.

How to identify AC?

It’s pretty easy to be able to identify nodulocystic acne as it causes inflammation on the skin. AC is determined by the nodules resembling cysts. These nodules develop due to pores clogged with dead skin and other impurities. Over time, this leads the area around the pores to swell up and turn red. Due to their severity, these nodules cannot be healed or cured by topical acne remedies. This kind of acne has several nodules connected to one another, forming one giant cyst.

Even though this acne is extremely rare, it can build up into more prominent nodules on your back and face. It is best to be careful not to pop the cysts, as the smelly puss will leak out.


This skin condition is caused due to acne nodules linking deep inside the skin, and it is challenging to control it with standard remedies. Most people develop this skin problem due to an autoinflammatory disorder like an autoimmune disease. These autoimmune diseases are inherited and are primarily genetic.


Since AC is a severe form of acne, it’s best to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist will ask you if your family history involves any inflammatory skin disorders and closely examine your lesions. The dermatologist will also perform a few tests, including a biopsy, to rule out any other ailments you might be facing, like carcinoma.

Is it possible to treat AC?

Acne Conglobata is a complicated skin disorder; the treatment for this disorder is a complex procedure. However, patients living in Pakistan who suffer from this are puzzled by two questions; What Is Acne Conglobata, and How Is It Treated In Islamabad? Over the last few years, the Capital has introduced several remedies for acne. However, these remedies and routine acne treatments do not work for this form of acne.

This is because of the widespread characteristics of AC, it is deeply rooted in the skin, and regular acne treatments only work on the skin’s upper layer. Salicylic Acid, as well as other OTC topicals, do not offer much improvement for this skin condition. Dermatologists in the Capital will prescribe the patients a combination of oral medicines and topical treatment to heal their acne. The doctor will also recommend some scar remedies to help lessen them.

Topical Procedures:

Contemporary acne procedures on their own do not work on patients with AC. But if the medication is used alongside oral medicines, there is a higher chance of attaining better results. Popular options for such treatments include prescribing benzoyl peroxide formulas to remove the corticosteroids (commonly referred to as dead cells) and sebum from the skin in order to minimize the inflammation.

Consumable  Medicines:

Oral medicine is also prescribed as AC treatment, and the most effective medication option is isotretinoin. The drug works by blocking off any excess oils in the pored. Since the medication is powerful, there is a high possibility that the doctor will only give you a small dose.

Scar remedies:

Plastic surgery is one of the most effective methods to treat AC scars. The surgeon will remove all the scar tissue on the patient’s body using an excision method. The patient will be prescribed steroids to help lessen the inflammation.

Another method is skin grafting. This technique is used for prominent scarring and involves filling the scar with healthy tissue from other areas of the patient’s body, making it smooth.

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