4 Secret Ways to Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are benign but they look ugly! While some people opt to live with these silvery streaks, for many they are extremely annoying and frustrating. Just imagine those unsightly zebra lines that appear out of nowhere, without your permission. And what’s even worse is their resistivity to every possible treatment that you try to banish these streaks. You try product after product, hoping to get rid of them one day, but in the end, you get an impression that the stretch is the most loyal thing that has ever happened to you.

Million-dollar question is, “are stretch marks really impossible to remove?” If not, then what is the most effective treatment for Stretch Marks? If you are also seeking effective ways to get rid of these nasty marks then rejoice, as you have come to the right place. Here we will share with you three effective ways to remove these zebra stripes on your tummy or legs.

What are Stretch Marks?

It is a common skin problem that affects a vast majority of people around the globe, regardless of gender and ethnicity. Most frequent victims of these silvery streaks include:

• Adolescent boys and girls
• Pregnant women
• Obese people
• Anyone who gained or lost weight quickly

Your skin is fairly elastic and restores its shape and position as soon as released after stretching. But when stretched beyond its elastic limit the dermal layers tear up and get scared. This internal damage results in visible scarring, which appears on the surface of the skin as hue color streaks. These unsightly marks mostly appear on the abdomen and thighs, but they can appear anywhere on the body.
One of the most frequently searched questions on the internet is how to remove these striae. Unfortunately, there are not many options available at this moment to remove stretch marks completely. But there are certain treatments that can help eliminate fresh, mild to moderate stretch marks with a few sessions.

The 4 most commonly sought Stretch Marks Removal Treatments are:

1. Chemical Peels:

It is the mildest treatment used for treating fresh stretch marks. A chemical solution is applied to the affected areas. As the name suggests, the solution applied peels off few layers of the skin that have been damaged by the striae. New smooth and clear skin, free of any marks replaces the peeled layers.

2. Micro-Needling With and Without RF:

Dermapen is the most popular micro-needling treatment. Micro-sized needles are used to cause microscopic wounds in the skin at a controlled rate. This initiates the healing process and also boosts collagen levels in the treated areas. As a result, not only the marks fade away but the skin also becomes elastic. To further enhance the efficacy of micro-needling, it can be combined with Radio Frequency Treatment.

3. Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks:

A high-intensity laser beam is projected at the stretch marks. Energy from laser beams breaks up scar tissues in the inner layers of skin, responsible for the appearance of striae. As the scar tissues break up, the healing process is initiated. This stimulates the generation of new skin cells and new tissues in the inner layers of skin. Laser treatment also stimulates collagen production, which ultimately results in the thickening of the skin and removal of these nasty marks completely.
Multiple sessions may be needed to achieve desired results. Generally, 6-8 sessions are needed to completely eliminate these annoying lines. Most patients report significant fading of marks after the 4th session.

4. Fractional CO2 Lasers:

Fractional CO2 Lasers offer the best solution for stretch mark removal. A special type of fractionated lasers is used to cause microscopic wounds in fine channels in the skin. This damage caused to the skin at a controlled rate triggers the healing process. Consequently, the scarred tissues in the inner layers also begin to heal and their appearance improves. It is the most effective treatment, which is equally popular in doctors and patients.

Are you also a victim of these unsightly zebra lines? Are you seeking the best treatment for stretch marks removal? If your answer is yes then contact Laser Skin Care Clinic at the earliest. The Clinic offers all of the aforementioned treatments for removing the pregnancy marks. For queries and concerns, fill the free online consultation form available on our website.