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breast reduction surgery clinic in Islamabad Pakistan

This procedure is also termed as “breast mammaplasty”. Disproportionate and overly large breasts often induce a lack of confidence in many women. Therefore, a surgical procedure known as Breast Reduction Surgery Clinic in Islamabad Pakistan is performed through incisions to remove excess skin, tissues, and fats from the breasts. It is done so in order to get rid of discomfort and to achieve a very proportionate breast size. It can be performed alone or in conjunction with liposuction and excision techniques.

Results and Benefits:

Results of Breast Reduction:

Results achieved from Breast Reduction Surgery Clinic in Islamabad Pakistan are always permanent and positive for many women but ageing, fluctuations in weight, gravity and hormonal factors may contribute in changing the size and shape of your breasts as nothing can stop the natural ageing process. The resulting outcomes achieve both the health and cosmetic benefits of smaller breasts.

Benefits of Breast Reduction:

  • Improves self-image by eradicating a poor posture
  • Gives you a better sleep position to sleep comfortably
  • Removes unwanted breast fats, skin and glandular tissues
  • Helps in gaining more confidence than you ever imagined
  • Delivers an appropriate breast size in proportion to your body
  • Enables you to participate in sports and other physical activities
  • Makes your breasts firmer, smaller, tighter and evenly proportioned

Who Is Candidate?

During a consultation, some of the factors such as age, skin tone and elasticity, a position of the nipple/areola and amount of tissues that need to be removed are considered. For a good candidacy, you must possess any or all of the following conditions for Breast Reduction Surgery:

  • Your breast causes neck, shoulder or back pain
  • You face difficulty in fitting into bras or clothing
  • You aren’t a sufferer of diabetes or heart problem
  • Your large breasts restrict you to perform some activities
  • You want to improve a poor self-image related to breasts
  • You suffer chronic rash or skin irritation under your breasts
  • You suffer emotionally due to disproportionately large breasts
  • You feel difficulty in breathing due to overlapping or drooping breasts

Aim of Treatment:

Breast Reduction is commonly considered a reconstructive procedure although; it comprises a cosmetic component to it. Therefore, this surgery works with the major aim of altering the size and shape of the breasts which can only be achieved by removing excess fats and skin.

Technique We Use:

In most of the cases, Breast Reduction Surgery Clinic in Islamabad Pakistan is done under general anaesthesia. While in cases, when the reduction is only small, your surgeon may administer under local anaesthesia with sedation. Following steps are performed for a successful surgery:

1) A cut (incision) is slightly made around the nipple which is continued in a straight vertical line to the crease of the breast.

2) Most of the times, the nipple remains attached to its blood and nerve supply remains constant. Simultaneously, heavy breasts may need a ‘free nipple graft’ in some of the cases.

3)    The surgeon removes the nipple and reattaches at a higher point.

4)    Following the procedure, he removes excess deposition of fat, skin and glandular tissues.

5)    Liposuction can be performed for removing the fats in large amounts. But this happens sometimes.

6)    Moreover, stitches are made deep inside the breast tissue.

7)    In the end, he brings together the skin incisions for closing off.


Once you are done with the procedure, your breasts will be wrapped in the gauze type bandaging. Swelling and bruising may appear. For getting rid of initial swelling after the Surgical Breast Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, drainage tubes may be attached to your breasts for the removal of excess fluids. The overall recovery process requires about two to three weeks. You have to wait for a week to wear your bra again. You may experience little soreness and mild pain around the area of treatment for a day or two. General tiredness, numbness or itching symptoms might appear. Noticeable scarring (incision lines) takes about 18 months in getting fade.

Schedule a Free Consultation:

It is very important to understand what Breast Reduction Surgery Clinic in Islamabad Pakistan entails (including risks and complications). Therefore, if you are deciding to go with this treatment, you should first research for a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. It is the fact that every person looks for a suitable, reputed and experienced doctor or hospital before undergoing any Breast treatment. So, do your homework first and then fill in the consultation form given below.

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