Can I get braces with dental implants

Many people have congenital misaligned teeth, or they experience overcrowding. This condition occurs when there are space discrepancies in the jaw. Overcrowding of teeth creates aesthetic concerns and bite problems. Sometimes, people observe this issue later on in their lives because natural teeth have a tendency to shift over time. Braces in Islamabad are then used to treat misalignment of teeth and correct the symmetry and arrangement of teeth. 

But can we get braces with dental implants? 

Let’s find it out!

Before getting deeper to find the exact answer, we should know about dental implants. This is also a dental technique that is carried out to restore the functions and aesthetics of a missing tooth. The implant works as the root of a missing tooth. It is made of biocompatible material and is inserted into the jawbone, where it replaces the functions of a missing tooth. Unlike natural teeth, its amalgamation is stronger and it cannot be shifted like natural teeth. That’s why people ask whether they can get braces while having implants.

If you are also curious to know whether you can get braces with dental implants, then here is your answer.

It is possible to get braces with implants. Though the nature of treatment changes in this case, it is viable and practicable. People with implants can get braces. A dentist or orthodontist will have to make some necessary adjustments in this case to create a proper alignment of braces and ensure the durability of both these braces and implants.  

Keep in mind that some adjustments are required to make it happen. So, you should get a consultation session at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad before going for this procedure. Furthermore, you must choose an experienced dentist or orthodontist to accomplish this seemingly challenging task and bring about your desired results.

Braces With Dental Implants: Top Benefits

  • The amalgamation of braces and implants creates better results, restores the beautification and grace of a captivating smile by dealing with a number of teeth-related issues
  • On the one hand, implants restore the stability of your teeth and prevent teeth shifting and jaw bone loss, and on the other hand, braces restore normal alignment and teeth pattern to optimal oral health
  • A missing tooth or overcrowded teeth create several issues related to biting, speaking and chewing. This combined approach addresses all those issues in a comprehensive way
  • Braces with implants enhance the stability of the teeth, improve teeth functionality and aesthetic essence

Am I A Suitable Candidate For Braces If I Have Implant?

You must consult with a professional to find out your suitability before getting this treatment. He will analyze the condition of your implant, teeth structure, and overall oral health, then will let you know whether you should go for it or not. Also, consider the following points to explore whether you can get this treatment.

You are a suitable candidate if

  • Your oral health is optimal 
  • Dental crowding creates dental issues
  • The aesthetics of your teeth have been compromised
  • You want to restore normal functions and aesthetics of your teeth
  • You have realistic expectations and have the know-how of this procedure

How Much Does This Treatment Cost?

There are a few factors that determine the overall cost of dental braces. These factors include but are not limited to the extent of the treatment that is decided based on the requirement of a patient, the clinic’s location, obtained facilities and the expertise of an orthodontist.

Summing Up:

Braces in Islamabad are used to restore proper alignment and symmetry of teeth and jaw structure. People who have implants often worry about whether they can get braces or not. The answer is simply yes. They can get braces if they have undergone dental implant treatment. An orthodontist has to make some adjustments for this treatment but it is a practicable treatment.

Book your appointment at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad to get a consultation session and find the most suitable treatment based on your specific dental conditions. We offer custom-made treatments and are known for satisfactory results. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session, and make up your mind based on the correct information.


Can braces go wrong?

There are a few conditions that decrease the benefits of braces. Mostly, it happens because of the negligence of a patient or when he does not follow the instructions of his doctor.

How painful are braces in Islamabad?

Braces are applied to teeth to improve their alignment and natural symmetry. They do not hurt or cause any injury when applied by a professional. So, generally, braces are painless.

Do dentists whiten teeth after braces?

No, they do not. Because teeth scaling or polishing is another treatment. You can choose to have this treatment if you are in need of it, but this is not complementary.