Choosing the Perfect Eyelash Extension Style for Your Eye Shape | Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension in Islamabad adds volume and length to natural lashes and beautifies the shape and appearance of eyes. This technique enhances eye shapes, simplifies makeup application, banishes the requirement for mascara and creates a refreshed look. If you are going to get an elegant look through eyelash extensions, you must choose the perfect style matching your eye shape.

The size and shape of eyes vary from person to person. So, your prime concern should be to choose the perfect extension style to augment the appeal, charm and elegance of eyes.  A perfectly aligned extension produces a glamorous look and intensifies the aesthetics of your look.

Benefits Of Eyelash Extension:

  • Adds to the length and volume of natural lashes
  • Creates a fuller and more defined look
  • Enhances the shape and appearance of eyes
  • Allows individuals to see their desired results
  • Gives a glamorous look at a specific event
  • Offers an effortless beauty and adds to the charm of the eyes

Eyelash Extension: Styles For Different Eye Shapes

Choosing the right style augments the beauty and creates a balanced look. You can choose the most suitable extension style to highlight the allure of the eyes. 

Round Eyes

These are large and expressive eyes. The Cat Eye look will make you feel fabulous, given this expressive shape. Longer extensions are added to the outer corner of the eyes to give an elongated look. Cat Eye look is suggested for round-shaped eyes to augment the captivation of eyes. Never use curly lashes for round-shaped eyes, as they can make eyes look even smaller.

Almond-Shaped Eyes

This is a common eye shape and is known for its symmetry and proportionate appearance. To increase the look of this sort of eye, the Doll EyeLash style is quite popular. Extensions are distributed across lash lines to produce a wide-eyed appearance. A high density is maintained on the centre, while a tapered length is maintained throughout the lashes.

Downturned Eyes

These lashes have a natural drop at the corner, creating a tired look. To cope with this look, it is better to use a lash style that gives a lifting appearance. Squirrel shape looks appropriate to augment the beauty and grace of eyes. This type of lash gives maximum length below the eyebrows arch, creating a squirrel look.

Hooded Eyes

Natural look lashes are used to create the appearance of a larger and more refined eye look. Extensions are placed strategically to keep shorter lash extensions towards the inner corners and increasing length towards the outer corners, keeping it natural.

These are a few guidelines to consider before getting eyelash extensions. You must consider your preference and desired shape. Also, discuss your objectives with a professional to get more precise and meaningful results.

Cost Of Eyelash Extensions:

The cost of eyelash extensions in Islamabad ranges from PKR 5,000 to PKR 10,000. The cost may also fluctuate based on your specific extension style, individual needs, additional treatments and the clinic’s location.

The Bottom Line:

Eyelash extension in Islamabad adds to the natural look of the eyes, as well as charm and elegance. This technique creates an elongated look, beautifies the look and makes an individual enjoy a particular ceremony or event to the fullest. The size and shapes of eyes differ. So, a single style would not suit everyone. Some people have round eyes, some have almond-shaped eyes, and some have downward eyes. You should opt for a specific style of extension based on the size and shape of your eyes.

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How do I know what type of lashes fit my eye shape?

You can analyse the shape of your eyes. If your eyes are round-shaped, then go for a cat-eye look, and if your eyes are almond-shaped, then get a doll-shaped extension. You can also get professional advice for better results.

Do eyelash extensions make you look prettier?

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad beautify the shape and appearance of eyes, create a charming and feminine look and make an individual more noticeable. So, it makes you look more pretty and beautiful.

Do eyelash extensions look good without makeup?

First of all, it eliminates the need for mascara or any other eye-related make-up. It creates a luscious and dramatic look, adding to the fascination.