How Do You Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions?

You can have some concerns if you love to have long lashes or new eyelash extensions. Moreover, the main problem can be How You Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions. However, there are specific care tips to keep them long-lasting. In addition, these are great to make your look thicker and longer. Therefore, it makes one look prettier naturally. However, if you carefully follow the after-care instructions for eyelash extensions, they can last six weeks and not cost too much.

How Do You Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions?

It is essential to keep your face clean so that your eyelash extensions last as long. However, it takes extra care to wash your face. Moreover, following the right way when you pass is essential. Remember, you have eyelash extensions to prevent damage to the lashes or loosen their glue bond. Additionally, it would help if you washed your face in such a way that you keep your beautiful lashes for longer and also healthy skin.

 Easy Steps to Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions

If you are seeking an answer to your question, How Do You Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions, the simple answer is yes. However, keep your extensions intact and your skin healthy by following simple lash extension face cleansing methods.

  • Gently remove eye makeup:

Remove eye makeup first. Use micellar water or oil-free makeup remover. Due to their texture, avoid cotton pads. Instead, use a soft towel to remove makeup around your eyes and a Q-tip to remove product around your lash line. You may use a cotton pad to remove makeup from your whole face.

  • Dispense and Prepare Cleanser:  

Wash the remainder of your face with a standard facial cleanser. The directions for your cleanser may vary, so check the packaging. It would help if you usually splashed your face with cold or lukewarm water. Dispense a tiny quantity of cleanser and froth it with both hands. Using a mousse or foam cleanser may be fine without this.

  • Face Massage:

Massage the cleanser on your face. From the middle of your face, gradually spread outward. Avoid the eyes and massage wherever else.

  •  Rinse:

You may rinse your face after cleansing it thoroughly and removing any filth. Cup some water in your palms and gently spray your face. To remove all cleanser residue, repeat as needed.

Except for a gorgeous rainfall-style showerhead, avoid washing your face directly beneath the 

  • Wash Lashes:

After cleansing your face, wash your lash extensions. Cleaning your lashes removes grease, which aids retention. It inhibits germ-induced eye discomfort and infection. Some face cleansers are acceptable with lash extensions, but a specialist cleaner works best. Place a tiny cleanser on your lashes and gently massage it with your ring finger or brush. Be cautious and clean downward. Avoid pulling your lashes by not applying pressure.

  •  Dry Safely:

After cleaning your face and lashes, thoroughly dry your face and extensions. Avoid scratchy towels and use a soft cloth or tissue. Using a cold blow dryer helps speed up lash drying.

Avoid over-drying your face. Leave it moist so it can absorb your next skincare better.

Talk to an Expert:

It would help if you talked to a trained lash artist at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad before you try to wash your face while wearing eyelash extensions. Moreover, they will give you specific advice based on the type of extensions you have and any care instructions they give you.

Cost of Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad

The cost of eyelash extensions changes based on many factors. Moreover, it depends on the type of extensions, the technician’s skill level, and the clinic’s reputation. Furthermore, the first treatment usually costs is Rs 10,000 and touch-ups every two to three weeks cost more than that. Even though the cost may seem high initially, if you take good care of your extensions, they will last longer.  

Final Thoughts:

If you use the right tools and methods, washing your face while wearing eyelash extensions can be easy and successful. You can ensure that your eyelashes stay beautiful and healthy for weeks by following this guide and getting personalized help from a professional. You can feel good about having eyelash extensions and find them helpful without hurting your face or lashes if you take good care of them.

Book an appointment with expert cosmetologists at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad and get a professional guide.