Dermal Fillers Frequently Asked Questions

Dermal fillers in Islamabad transform your personality by adding value to your facial features and bringing joy and contentment to your life. This is an in-demand cosmetic procedure that is dealing with the aesthetic concerns of people and improving their personalities and approaches to life.  This procedure entails the use of biocompatible substances such as hyaluronic acid to banish skin imperfections and restore sagging and droopy skin features.

You must have some questions about this minimally invasive aesthetic treatment that would be confusing you or may be stopping you from getting this treatment. Now, we are going to discuss all questions that can possibly come to your mind.

Dermal Fillers Frequently Asked Questions:

What are dermal fillers?

Basically, fillers in Islamabad are injectable biocompatible substances that are injected beneath the skin to add volume and create a refined and fuller appearance of a specific body part such as lips, cheeks, etc. This cosmetic procedure reduces the appearance of skin blemishes such as wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Also, it improves the symmetry, contour and appearance of a specific part of the body.

What are the benefits of this procedure?

  • Adds volume creates a delightful, fuller and attractive appearance
  • A non-surgical solution that reduces skin imperfection and redefines the aesthetics of beauty
  • Enables every person to get their desired results and deal with specific concerns
  • Does not cause scars and also gives a choice to get back original or better results
  • The outcome of this procedure is quick as it extends immediate results

Why should I consider this skin rejuvenation technique?

If you have lost the charm and brightness of your skin because of skin sagging, then you can restore the grace and elegance of your skin through this procedure. It is not very expensive, nor does it involve cuts or incisions. So, if you want to address ageing signs, then this is your solution that will help you meet your ends and reinstate your appearance

Will I look natural?

If you get this procedure from an experienced professional, then you will likely get natural-looking results. An expert provides precise and custom-made treatment by considering the specific type and amount of a substance required for an individual to produce natural results.  

What are the most common areas that are treated via this procedure?

Lips, cheeks, under-eyes areas, smile lines and many other areas of the face are commonly treated through this approach. Dermal fillers add volume, restore plumpness and improve the look and appearance of an individual, adding to confidence and self-assurance.

Who is a good candidate for this treatment?

  • If a person has succumbed to wrinkles, fine lines and other skin imperfections
  • People who want to address ageing signs and improve the brightness and plumpness of their facial feature
  • Individuals who wish to add volume to their lips and cheeks
  • People who are seeking a treatment to enhance facial contour and add to their charm and elegance
  • Individuals who are physically healthy and have realistic expectations
  • Women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding can also get this procedure

Do dermal fillers hurt?

However, severe pain cannot be expected in this treatment. Patients may observe mild discomfort or a slight pinching sensation. As this is a quick procedure, you may not have to bear that sensation for a longer time. You do not need to worry about the sensation of pain or discomfort; your surgeon will be there to support you, and he will also prescribe some creams or oral medications to manage the post-operative sensation of discomfort.

Can I combine fillers with other face rejuvenation procedures?

Yes, it is possible. Even many patients prefer getting a combined treatment to enhance the domain of benefits and advantages and get a more refined and sophisticated appearance. This procedure can be combined with botox, facelift and laser therapy in Islamabad to augment and foster the intensity of benefits of its offerings.

How long does this provider take?

Filler in Pakistan is a quick procedure. It does not take much time to bring about your desired results. It is a non-invasive technique that aims at improving the appearance of lips, cheeks and other body areas. Normally, it is completed in 15 minutes and the maximum time it can consume is 1 hour.

Are there any side effects of this procedure?

This is an effective and beneficial procedure. Sometimes, it may cause a few side effects, such as swelling, bruising, itching, redness, etc. The good thing is that its side effects disappear in a matter of a few days and do not tease a patient for an extended period. 

Best clinic for dermal fillers in Islamabad?

SKN Cosmetic Islamabad is a top-ranked aesthetics clinic that deals with all sorts of cosmetic concerns and problems. At SKN, Practitioners hold an initial consultation session before moving to treatment to apply custom-made strategies and produce better results. 

The Final Thought:

Dermal filler in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure that deals with sagging or droopy skin, adds volume, and refines the appearance of facial features. If you are aiming to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes or overcome ageing signs, then you must consider this cosmetic treatment to revitalise your appearance.

Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision or let us assist you in rediscovering your lost beauty and charm.