alopecia treatment in Islamabad

Globally, the hair loss problem is affecting roughly 80% of every 5th person. It is common to experience hair fall on daily basis but what if it gets extreme? The main cause of areata might be a family history and a family person who has experienced the condition. However, there are several treatment options that can treat alopecia problems.

In this blog post, you will learn about the causes of alopecia and What is the best solution for alopecia? So, keep reading for knowing more details about it.

What is Alopecia Areata?

A common condition of disordering that often results in irregular hair loss is known as Alopecia Areata. This condition can affect any age or gender person but it mostly affects before the age of 30s. It occurs when our white blood cells attack the hair follicle cells that slowing down hair production. Also, many experts believe that this hair loss condition may cause by stress and depression that doesn’t cure by any treatment accurately. If you are experiencing such types of hair loss problems then you need to talk to the hair specialist who diagnoses the condition and suggests you a suitable hair restoration treatment.

Which Treatment Is The Best?

According to SKN cosmetics, there are several treatment options that can be recommended for fixing the alopecia conditions. The practitioner will examine your head condition, ask you about family history and take test reports for curing properly. However, the most common and best treatments for alopecia problems are mentioned below:

  • Topical Medication: 

If the hair loss problem is diagnosed in the initial stage then the practitioner will try to treat it with topical medication like Minoxidil etc. these medications will improve the immune system that boosts the blood in hair follicles. This treatment can take several months to show results.

  • PRP Injections Therapy: 

PRP Injections – These are performed by using the Plasma from the candidate’s own blood. The PRP shots will be injected on the scalp that is a booster for the growth of hair. The treatment duration will be 30 minutes or it depends on the area required and the number of injections. The results will be shown after 3 to 5 months.

  • FUE Hair Transplant: 

The most effective and suitable treatment for all types of hair loss problems is known as FUE hair transplant. It will be performed under local anesthesia, the practitioner will extract hair follicles from the backside of the scalp and implant them on patchy areas. The area will recover within 3 to 4 months and start growth with natural hair. The final results will be seen after 8 to 12 months as these will be long-lasting and permanent results.

Therefore, the alopecia condition is treated by medication, injects or surgery sometimes. The practitioner will recommend you one of these solutions according to the suitability of the candidate.

Top Benefits:

Generally, after knowing about “What is the best solution for alopecia?”, you should know that there are a lot of benefits to choosing hair restoration solutions. The more effective treatment is hair transplant because it provides long-lasting results. However, some common benefits are mentioned below:

  • It will provide you with noticeable results.
  • Painless and effective treatment options.
  • No side effects or risks in it.
  • Affordable hair restoration methods.
  • Improves your quality of life.
  • Your self-confidence will be boosted up.

The Cost of Treating Alopecia:

In general, the cost of hair restoration treatments are differently charged because if the patient is treated by medication then the cost will be less but if the patient chooses injectable or surgical options then it will charge you accordingly. The injectable solution will charge according to the number of shots.

However, the average cost range of Alopecia Areata Treatment in Islamabad ranges between 8,000 PKR to  10,000 PKR. Also, you should know that these are delicate and sensitive procedures that require expertise and skills. So, there are a few factors that can affect your cost like:

  • Choosing Experienced Surgeon.
  • Location and reputation of the clinic.
  • The number of hair grafts.
  • Anesthesia or medication fee.
  • Other additional charges.

Further, to know more about cost or its factors according to the treatment option then you can contact us or visit our clinic anytime. 

The Bottom Line!

Therefore, alopecia areata is a common disorder of hair loss that cannot have specific treatment but it can be fixed by hair restoration treatments like medicine, injections or minimally invasive treatments. If you are planning to get any treatment for fixing hair loss then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics as we are providing satisfying services and long-lasting results at reasonable costs.