Which is better, implant or root canal

Everyone wants their pearly whites to remain intact for as long as they live. But unfortunately, that’s not possible since there are a few factors at play that can cause damage to your ivories. Trauma to the face can damage your teeth, and if it’s blunt force trauma, they can even come flying out.

But that’s not always the case when it comes to tooth damage, as there are cases where the tooth can also get infected and starts decaying. Broken or damaged teeth ruin your perfect smile and can also be a harrowing experience. In such cases, your dentist will give you two options; either to get a root canal or to get an implant. If you are wondering which is better; the implant or the root canal, then this is the blog for you!

Root Canal Therapy:

This endodontic procedure involves treating the pearly whites with dead nerves caused due to the infection that has seeped itself deep into the roots of the tooth. The nerve endings in the teeth can also be damaged due to them going through trauma like a car accident.

When you get this treatment for your teeth, the doctor will mummify the damaged tooth so that it can still be recovered and provide you with a pain-free solution to your painful problem.

How Is It Done?

  • The first thing your operator will do is inject local anesthesia into the gums to numb them.
  • After the numbing agent sets in, the dentist will make a tiny incision near the top of the infected tooth.
  • He will then use specified tools to clear away any infected soft tissue present in the damaged tooth’s root canal and pulp chamber. This will create an opening that will be filled with gutta-percha, a biocompatible material used to fill in root canals. The opening will be sealed off with the help of a filling.
  • This is a temporary solution and after fourteen days it is removed.
  • However, if it has not healed, the dentist will position a crown on top of it to help restore it.

Dental Implants:

There are some cases where your pearly whites are beyond recovery, and not even a root canal can save them. This is when your doctor will suggest that you get the infected chopper removed and replace it with an artificial implant.

This surgery involves removing the crown and the roots of your teeth and replacing them with an implant made from titanium.

Most of the time, your dentist will not wait for the second appointment to replace the infected tooth as it can get worse.

How Is It Done?

The surgery starts with the doctor injecting a numbing agent into your gum line.

He will wait for the numbing agent to start working and then use a pair of forceps to pull out the infected tooth.

There are some cases where the doctor will use general anesthetics while performing the operation.

In this scenario, he will make an incision in the gum line to remove the tooth and the surrounding bone. This usually happens when the infection has gone way beyond the tooth and has reached the bone.

However, you have to keep in mind that the dental implant in Islamabad will not be available to you immediately. Your mouth has to recover from the surgery, and it can take about three to four months before your gums are ready for the implant.

Some individuals might even have to wait longer depending on how fast their bone heals. In addition to this, it can take up to more than six months before the implant has a crown placed on top. This is because it can take a long time before the implant becomes one with the bone.

Which is better, implant or root canal?

If you are thinking about which treatment to get and which would be the best option, you first need to determine how much is the damage. Sometimes the damage will not be that bad, and you will insist that your doctor give you an implant.

However, that should not be the case. You should have a consultation session before getting any sort of treatment for your tooth to determine which treatment would work best for you.

If your tooth is slightly damaged, then it is best to get root canal treatment and wrap that tooth up so it can recover on its own. But If your tooth has started to decay and the pain is unbearable, then you should get that tooth extracted and replaced with an implant immediately.

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