Fotona 4D Face Lift in Islamabad Rawalpindi Pakistan

When people reach the age of 35 they start getting ageing signs on their faces. Think about the people who are getting older but still want to look perfect in their daily life. So, it is a treatment that is non-invasive, this combines different procedures to lighten the skin, reduce some pores, softens the wrinkles, plumps, and improves the texture and tone of the face. It also tightens the skin and gives a smoother touchup. It mainly targets skin imperfections through the laser Treatment and brings back the lost glamour of your skin. The treatment of Fotona 4D for a Facelift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan includes:

  • It encouraged the production of collagen.
  • Reduce the pigmentation from the face and enhanced the volume of the face.
  • The wrinkles become smooth and soft.
  • It restores the fibroblast in the dermal formation.
  • Remove some fine lines as well as removes the sun damages.
  • Smoothly rejuvenation the skin and tightens the skin.

This is the latest treatment which is mostly used for reducing the visible ageing signs like sagging skin of your face and full of wrinkles kind of face.

Expected Results:

People have different types of skin and results may differ from person to person. For example, in a lot of candidates, the outcomes will appear immediately right after one or two hours of the procedure. And some candidates observe outcomes after 1-2 weeks of treatment. However, the results of the treatment last for at least 4-6 months. The applicant will need some touchups to keep desirable results after six months. You will re-start daily activities after the treatment without the wait.

Some Benefits:

This procedure has the following benefits for facial skin which is useful for candidates:

  • It promotes most collagen production.
  • It will restore lost facial plumpness.
  • Wrinkles, fine lines will be removed from the face.
  • The main benefit is Lifting and tightens the skin.
  • Reduce the nasolabial folds.
  • Accelerates skin healing.
  • Painless and safe treatment for every skin type.

 Are you a Willing Candidate?

You will be the perfect candidate for The Fotona 4D for a Facelift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan if you desire to look perfect so come and let us examine that if you meet the following terms:

  • You must be 25 or above.
  • Some clear and visible signs of ageing on your face and have sagging skin.
  • If you wish to improve the contours of the lips.
  • Want to get rid of acne scars.
  • You are ideal if you are not suffering from any serious disease like cancer asthma and tuberculosis.
  • You don’t have any skin infection.


There’s no specific preparation for this treatment but If you want to obtain desirable results from this method of face-lifting, you have to follow all the instructions which your dermatologist will give you in the initial discussion.


The procedure of fotona treatment is very simple and it will be done within an hour. So basically it’s a combination of four unique laser modes which is found within the treatment. The modes are:

  • Smooth mode. (This is a special laser module performed on the inside of the oral cavity).
  • Fract3 laser mode. (This is a module that targets the deep imperfections in the skin).
  • The Piano. (The module achieves useful and safe largeness tissue heating of deeper layers of the skin).
  • SupErficial. (It’s an ultra-light laser peel that works).

In some cases, it may require 3 sessions for optimal results. Straight after Fotona 4D for the facelifting method, the candidate may experience redness, swelling, and pimples in the facial area because we have used laser in the procedure. After a week it will disappear and there’s no downtime for recovery.


After that, you have the desired look and perfect face, it’s your duty to maintain and take good care of yourself. The consultant will give you proper advice about skincare after 4D Fotona faces treatment. And these are instructions to follow:

  • Try to avoid physical activities. (running exercise and swimming for a day)
  • Maintain the face position at 90 degrees during sleeping.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Stay away from direct sunlight for 2 weeks after the treatment.


Your face is so important feature of appearance and it has to look perfect. If you desire to consult about Fotona 4D for a Face in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan do visit our clinic which is Skin cosmetics.