Skin Whitening Treatment:

Skin whitening treatment is also referred to as the skin lightening process, in which a chemical substance named glutathione is used to enhance the skin’s complexion. The amount of melanin in our body is responsible for our skin complexion. If our body produces more melanin, the darker the shade will be. The glutathione ensures to reduce the production of melanin in our body.

Different Skin Whitening Treatment

At SKN cosmetics variety of treatments are carried out to gain the benefits of skin whitening treatment in Islamabad, such as:

Chemical Peeling:

If you want quick skin whitening, then go for chemical peeling. During the procedure, a chemical substance is applied to the skin, which will remove the outer layer of the skin. Chemical peels are used at different depths, such as lighter or deeper. The deeper one will give you immediate results with a longer recovery time than the lighter peel.

Laser Skin Whitening:

In laser skin whitening, the laser light is directed towards the skin to remove or damage the upper layer of the skin. The laser light is of different wavelengths depending upon the condition of the skin. Laser light also reduces the production of melanocytes which produce melanin. Laser treatment is also known as the last abrasion.

Glutathione Injections:

Glutathione’s function is to destroy the body’s toxins and free radicals, which cause body pigmentation, sun spots, acne, and melasma. These injections also boost the body’s immunity. It would be best to get the shots of glutathione injections from time to time to maintain the results. Nowadays, glutathione drips are also used to improve the complexion as well as the immunity of the body. It is still under observation whether these injections have any effect on enhancing the body’s immunity or not.


Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that is a non-invasive treatment in which a small device is used for exfoliation, removing the outer layer of the skin. The whole process might take less than an hour. This cosmetic procedure is also very popular for other cosmetic purposes and can reduce the signs of aging. To maintain the results, you need to take regular sessions of microdermabrasion.

Benefits Of Skin Whitening Treatment:

There are many benefits of skin whitening treatment. Some of them are:

●     Improving self-confidence and esteem

A fair complexion is considered a standard of beauty, so everyone wants to become fair. With the help of skin whitening treatment, you can improve your self-confidence and esteem. Beauty does not depend upon a person’s complexion. Still, if a person wants to look more glamorous and is not confident about the color of the skin, then he must go for skin whitening treatment in Islamabad.

●     Quick Results

Skin whitening treatment gives you very quick and immediate results. Chemical peels and laser skin whitening treatments are best if you want quick results. You can start noticing the results within 2 to 3 weeks. Have you seen any better treatment than this one? Once you start noticing the results of the skin whitening treatment, you will become obsessed with your skin.

●     Recovery

The recovery period of skin whitening is from 1 week to 2 weeks. The recovery period also depends upon the treatment type you have chosen for your skin. If you want to recover quickly, you should follow all the preventive measures. Avoid going in the direct sunlight to avoid any allergic reaction.

●     Less costly treatment

It is a less costly treatment as compared to other cosmetic procedures. You can get flawless skin with few expenses, as the treatment results are long-lasting if you take care of the skin properly.

●     Treats Skin Problems

It can also treat major skin problems such as acne, dark spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. You can look more beautiful with an even skin tone. There are many benefits of skin whitening treatment in Islamabad. So if you want to become more glamorous and attractive, book an appointment now and avail the skin treatment offered by the best dermatologist in Islamabad.

Skin Whitening Treatment Cost:

The cost of skin whitening treatment in Islamabad varies from treatment to treatment. The conditions and goals of every patient are different. If you are willing to know the exact cost of the treatment plan you want, then consult our team. Our team members will guide you in the right way.

Final Thoughts:

We cannot deny that fair skin is the standard of beauty in our society. But it is the person’s choice whether he wants to become fair or not. If you wish for a skin whitening treatment, choose the best practitioner to treat you without complications.